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The APS Chef Demonstration Theatre leads the trade show in #celebratingFRESH. Our carefully selected group of leading chefs demonstrate how they are placing fresh produce at the heart of their high-end menus and showcase a variety of cooking styles and trends using many of the products that visitors can view and source on the show floor.


NOVEMBER 16, 2017

APS Show Floor
Anne Reijnders

After working for the Dutch government and a food agency, in late 2016 Anne started her own food project agency called Food Embassy.

Previously, she studied at a University College in the Netherlands, where multiple disciplines are combined within one course. She combined anthropology, psychology and gender studies.

During her masters in Governance at Utrecht University she turned her hobby of food into the focus of all her work, and graduated after completing a research project that looked at the ways in which consumers’ behaviour can be changed towards more sustainable choices.

Since then, Anne’s professional goal has been to make people aware of the effects of their food choices and – depending on their worldview – inspire them to change their behaviour.

Anne is also a partner of ‘De Lekkere Man’, which fights for the emancipation of male animals (the brothers of dairy cows or goats and laying hens) through catering and concept development.

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APS Show Floor
Jord Althuizen

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Born food enthusiast Jord is the founder of authentic barbecue (BBQ) catering company Smokey Goodness, as well as BBQ snack stall The Rough Kitchen, and restaurant Black Smoke.

He studied Hotel Management in The Hague, the Netherlands, which included international internships in Florida, the USA, where he fell in love with the American BBQ culture.

After graduating and working in several food- and beverage-related jobs he embraced his entrepreneurial spirit and launched his first catering company, Smokey Goodness. With its European twist on classical American BBQ methods, the firm has grown into the leading BBQ catering company for the Netherlands and Belgium; providing authentic food for the largest music festivals and private events.

Following the success of Smokey Goodness, Jord created a new food concept called The Rough Kitchen, a small food stall which serves BBQ snacks and the top quality charcuterie in Amsterdam’s Foodhallen and at the Scheveningen Pier.

Last year he opened a restaurant called Black Smoke in Antwerp, Belgium, which features a bar, restaurant and rooftop with food and cocktails.

Jord has written two best-selling BBQ cook books, and makes occasional TV appearances on the subject of BBQ and cooking.

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APS Show Floor
Rudolph van Veen
APS17 celebrity chef

Rudolph is one of the best-known Masterchefs in The Netherlands with over 25 years of experience. He is both a chef and motivational speaker, and regularly gives workshops, masterclasses and demonstrations, in addition to hosting or cooking at food events all over the world.

Rudolph wanted to become a chef from a young age. In 1985 he graduated from the Culinary School of Breda where he set his sights on becoming a ‘Master Chef’. Following his studies, he worked in Switzerland with Master Chef Cas Spijkers, and later specialised in pâtisserie with Huize van Wely.

At just 27 years old, Rudolph gained the highest degree (SVH Meesterkok) that a cook in the Netherlands can achieve. In 2010, he became the only Dutch chef to hold both the title of Master Chef and Master Pastry Chef at the same time.

He is best known for appearing on the Dutch television channel 24Kitchen, where he presents: Rudolph’s Bakery, Easy Meals, The Taste of Life Basics and The Taste of Life Travel. His other cookery programmes have included: Life & Cooking, The Taste of Life and Life4You.

Rudolph has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally. He is also a cookbook author.

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APS Show Floor
Claudia Lucardie Vuur

Creative vegetarian chef Claudia is passionate about nature, people, and food and how to (re)connect the three aspects.

With every dish she seeks to inspire her diners through ‘edible adventures’. Her mission is to encourage people to open their senses, hearts and minds by creating unforgettable, delicious food that gets straight to the heart in one bite.

Besides serving ‘small presents’ of colourful, fresh food that is preferably in-season from Vuur & Vlam’s own garden, Claudia aims to fuel positive energy and a different perspective within her customers. She cooks from the heart and aims to make a difference. Claudia believes that by connecting with people through food she is adding value and contributing to a better world.

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APS Show Floor
Patricia Lavado

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Patricia is the owner and head chef of Ceviche Y Maas, an intimate Peruvian restaurant and Pisco bar on the Deliplein in Rotterdam’s trendy Katendrecht.

Like most Peruvians, Patricia is passionate about food, especially Peruvian cuisine. Since her early days she has been fascinated by the flavours and textures of traditional Peruvian dishes cooked from fresh and sustainable ingredients sourced from across the country.

Initially, Patricia began her career in finance after moving from Peru to study in New Jersey, the USA. However, she always stayed in touch with her passion; gaining experience in high-end Latin American-oriented restaurants in New York at the same time.

Later, Patricia moved to the Netherlands to continue her finance career. But, finally, in 2015, once the youngest of her three children had reached adult age, Patricia took the opportunity to realise her dream; opening Ceviche y Maas in 2015 to introduce to Rotterdam the rich and diverse flavours of traditional Peruvian dishes.

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APS Show Floor
Maggie Xu
aps17 chef

Cook Maggie loves to serve her fresh handmade Chinese dumplings at food markets, festivals and company events.

The mother-of-three is from Guangdong in China and moved to the Netherlands in 2001. Prior to that, she studied at the Beijing Language and Culture University and lived in Beijing for eight years, where she tried numerous types of food from different parts of China.

Maggie loves to cook with fresh vegetables and even grows her own. To use her own garden crop she began making dumplings with fresh vegetable and meat fillings. She even makes the skin by hand. They proved so popular people asked to buy them.

Being inspired by the ‘Slow Food Movement’ and its ethos of ‘Good, Clean and Fair food for everybody’, Maggie seeks to provide unique, handmade, high quality and authentic Chinese dumplings.

Followers have come to appreciate her dumplings so much that she is now called the ‘Dumpling Lady’ or ‘Dumpling Master’. Maggie has featured several times in Dutch newspapers and on television programmes including Culinair and 24 Kitchen.

With that in mind, Maggie has begun to share the Chinese culture behind dumplings; offering workshops during which she teaches people how to make them with different fillings. Her next ambition is to provide catering services for companies and events.

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Coen van Dijk

Coen is the owner and chef of his food truck Sla-gerei. Starting his career at several Michelin-starred restaurants, including the renowned Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, Coen had the chance to work with the best ingredients from around the world and learn the classic ways to prepare them.After several years he made a switch and started working with De Leeuw, one of the most famous butchers in Amsterdam, where he continued to work with top quality ingredients.

Following this experience, Coen decided to make a change from focusing on meats. So he started up a food truck company dedicated to preparing simple and fresh salads with classical flavours that mainly feature vegetables. In addition to salads, Sla-gerei also serves pastrami sandwiches, soups, wraps, charcuterie plateaus and roasted cashew nuts and almonds.

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