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Stubbins Food Partnerships (Stubbins FP) was an Official Partner of the London Produce Show and Conference 2015 and the host company of the Opening Cocktail Reception that kicked off the event at Grosvenor House on Park Lane, on June 3.

IMG_3091June 2015 marked the end of a momentous year for the company, which has been celebrating 50 years of excellence; a half century of hard work and dedication that has seen Stubbins evolve into one of the largest suppliers of salads to the UK’s large supermarket chains. Now, as Stubbins FP, the group is using its experience, knowledge and expertise to transfer the secrets behind its success into other retail channels, as well as the foodservice and catering sectors.

Stubbins commitment to long-term partnerships has seen it forge close ties with local, national and international growers, as well as building the relationships at its own growing facilities in the UK, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Israel and Holland that have allowed the company to be a reliable supplier of top-quality produce year-round. It is proud to be able to display accreditations from Red Tractor, The British Tomato Growers Association, and L.E.A.F and has its own Ethical Trading Policy, which applies not only to all staff, but also to every one of its suppliers in the UK and overseas.

Stubbins FP counts itself as fortunate to be able to look forward from such a strong historical base and aims to build on a rock-solid infrastructure, award-winning service peter_turone_jim_prevor_taxi_LPS14_trimmed_levels, and the ability to deliver consistently world-class product from a controlled and integrated supply chain, at a competitive price. The company has no intention of abandoning its fresh produce roots, but strongly believes that the principles underpinning the partnerships it has built can be applied to make its services available to a far wider network of customers, with a broader range of exciting new products.

It is already doing that, having expanded into ambient and frozen, dairy, fish and confectionery, and plans are in place to extend the range further in the next few years. Partnerships forged at the 2014 London Produce Show & Conference allowed Stubbins FP to create new avenues to market for both itself and international firms looking for potential and opportunity for their produce in thIMG_3185e UK.

As an integral part of the 2015 show, Stubbins FP had an unmissable presence and set about creating the new partnerships that will drive this business forward over the next 50 years.

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