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What role will fresh fruits and vegetables play in the omni-channel future? How can the produce category and its supply chain support retailers in their efforts to build omni-channel success?

How can producers, processors and distributors position themselves to succeed in this BRAVE NEW WORLD?

To answer these questions, and build an omni-channel produce industry, we’ve established THE AMSTERDAM PRODUCE SUMMIT, gathering thought- and practice- leaders from across the globe to build the industry of tomorrow.


The intersection between produce and omni-channel retailing has never been as significant as it is today. From the retail side, this involves how to use produce and its unique “hands- on” qualities to make a success of omni-channel initiatives; from the supply side, it involves how producers, marketers and vendors can position themselves for success in an omni- channel future.

One of the smartest things one can do in business is engage with the ideas, the topics and the people that will make a difference in the way business is done in the coming years.

The produce industry is fracturing like never before… On the production side, the explosion of varieties, many proprietary, is reshaping procurement, and the transformation of the produce department is strengthened by an explosion of innovative convenience and specialised items.

The point of consumer engagement is now fracturing as well… Physical stores are taking many forms. What was once just a neighbourhood grocery store is now a Superstore, a Wholesale Club Store, a Cash & Carry, a Discounter, a store focused on Health and Wellbeing, an upscale Epicurean Concept, a Convenience Store and much more.

There is remote ordering: Online, through an App or through a Voice Directed Device. There are drive-through pick up points at lockers and within the store as well as delivery through autonomous vehicles and drones.

There are vending machine concepts as well.

How retailers can use produce to optimize their omni-channel efforts and how producers, marketers and vendors must change their go-to-market approach to succeed in an omni- channel future is just the beginning of this deep dive into the future.

It’s a brave new world! One of the reasons for retailers to pursue omni-channel is to increase revenue per customer.

  • Does that argue for uniformity in packaging and branding across omni-channel segments?
  • Does packaging and branding need to change so as to be optimised for each concept?
  • If the retail business goes to buying via voice recognition – where consumers don’t have the visual cues of seeing a package – how will that change produce marketing?
  • If “click-and-collect” programmes optimise revenue opportunities by keeping customers visiting stores, how can the retail produce department be enhanced for increased impulse sales and greater customer experiences?

We are gathering together the best and the brightest retailers and experts on this subject to engage on these issues and more… No other place in the world will you see top speakers from all corners of the globe and engage with thought- and practice-leaders in mutually building the future of the produce supply chain in an omni-channel world.

The full programme and speaker line-up will be available shortly.

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